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Ahhh grad school! Ahhh honors project! Ahh senior year! = summary of my life.

I have officially finalized the list of programs I'm applying to! For your consideration:
U of Minnesota, Yale, Northwestern, Stonybrook, the University of New Hampshire, Berkeley, U of Tennessee, Carnegie-Mellon, UC Santa Barbara, U of Buffalo, and U of Iowa. Phew! If anyone happens to have any thoughts on any of these schools, I'd be much obliged.

Also, I'm working as a research assistant in a marital research lab, and one of my duties is to try to recruit participants for a study we're doing. We're looking at how relationships change at different stages of the relationship, from starting to date, to moving in or getting married, to having kids, and so on.

If you're at least 18 years old and in a relationship, please consider completing the survey. I would REALLY appreciate it--it would be a big help to me as I finish my degree and apply to grad school! If you can't complete the survey yourself or are not in a relationship, it would still be a HUGE help if you could forward the link to a friend or two that you think might be interested.

The Transitions in Relationships Survey offers INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK on your personality and your relationship and a chance to win $50 at the end of the study. This gives you the opportunity to see how your relationship compares to other relationships as you go through transitions. Here's the link to the survey:

Let me know if you have any questions! How are you all? ♥
ps more crazy shit is happening in my life, but no time/energy right now...massive update someday soon? yes? yes.
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So last night I went with my roommate to a small party (10 people tops) a friend of hers was having. We were upstairs, and someone just walked in, and jacked both my purse and my roommate's, a backpack, and a PS3, while someone was SLEEPING ON THE COUCH IN THE SAME ROOM.

Things in my purse incl: every form of ID I have, my wallet, my keys, my ipod, my phone, my passport, my favorite shirt that I bought vintage in San Diego, the brand new umbrella I bought three days ago, my sunglasses, the purse itself, oh and DID I MENTION MY PHONE. fml, yo.

I love filing police reports at 3 in the morning!
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Can we talk about the fact that I'm throwing (feels like single-handedly) a benefit concert this weekend for Doctors Without Borders that has 710 people RSVPd yes or maybe, and 581 people still awaiting reply?

And of course, this is on top of taking 20 credits (five classes), currently getting a 4.0, and working about 20 hours a week at a combination of 3 jobs. Plus my weekend social schedule is just as busy as my weekday work schedule., I'm a little bit busy. hah. Sorry if I'm not around too much. How are you all?
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Had a stats exam yesterday that made a little part of my soul die, hence my absence. I locked myself in the library, but I don't think it really helped. booo. luckily, we only have like...holy shit, like three more weeks of this semester and then no more stats ever.

I also have a research paper due on Monday that I should potentially start doing research for. I think this whole posting every day thing only works for people with lives less busy than mine.

How are you all? ♥
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Guys, my brother is coming to see me! He's going to be here in a few hours, and he's going to stay for the weekend, hang out with me here, and then drive me home after my last exam on monday.

last exam on monday = a joke. a very, very, very annoying joke. If it weren't for this exam, I could have gone home thursday. But no, I have to stay and take this exam...which is worth TEN POINTS. Participation, by the way, is worth ELEVEN. And, on top of that, he literally doesn't read my tests. We've been going over things in class, and he'd say things like for question 5, you needed to have mentioned point 1, 2, 3, and 4. I didn't mention a single one and I still got full points. wtf, debate. wtf.
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So my homework for the weekend? Solve the problems of the middle east. no really.

*hed esplode*
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No for real. Grade two concussion. I spent a good chunk of the day in the emergency room today. I'm all right for the most part--dizzy, kind of shakey and obviously a huge lump and headache, but nothing too bad. The worst part is I'm kind of confused about stupid shit--I locked myself out of my room, I forgot where the stairs were, I couldn't remember why I was going somewhere, stuff like that. Or like how I just completely forgot what my next sentence was going to be. hmmm.

So story. I was playing capture the flag with my hall. We were in a turf room in the gym because it was raining, and there is a strip of concrete around the edge. I was trying to grab the flag, and I overbalanced and slammed my face into the concrete. ouch. It hurt but didn't feel too bad, so I just went back to my room and iced it. A hour or two later, when I'm throwing up and dizzy I decide I should probably call health services. The lady on the phone tells me I have to go to the emergency room right away and she'll have security come pick me up. I freak out, because she sounded freaked out, mostly. My roommate and RA went with me though, and I calmed down eventually.

I got a cat scan and was examined, determined to be mostly ok as detailed above. I do have awesome discharge instructions, telling me things like:

-Call the emergency department for the following symptoms: Fits or convulsions

-You may suffer from irritability and emotional instability. Some people may yell or say things they wouldn't normally say, or become violent. This is usually a sign that it is time to take a rest.

-You may fear you're going crazy. It is good to talk about these feelings with someone you trust.

So yeah. Concussion. What was I saying? *sigh* Time for movies.


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