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That moment when you look in the mirror at the end of the day and you're like "oh my GOD that's what I've been going around looking like all day?!?!?!"... sigh. Hahah. Anyway, on to the main point! As promised, some Yuletide recs. Just Friday Night Lights and Tamora Pierce today; some more random fandoms in a few days. All these fics are pretty short (the joy of Yuletide! So many great short fics = so much immediate gratification!) unless otherwise noted. :)

Tamora Pierce recs! )

Friday Night Lights recs! )

I'm sure I've messed up some coding somewhere, so let me know if you catch anything!
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This post was meant to be a short list of things I'm reading. Just so you know. and instead it's turned into an incredibly rambly tale of my journey through fandom, and why the fandom path I was following has begun to get a little weedy and overrun. I guess this is sort of my I'm leaving fandom post, but I haven't been a true member of fandom in months. Post-mortem then, I suppose.

In which I ramble about my life and my mind. )

Three books I didn't like that I thought I would )

Other books I liked more:

-Beastly, by Alex Finn. A retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Not exceptional but a good and fun read, well written and quickly read. Recommended if you have the spare time, but not a must read.

-Ship of Magic, Mad Ship, and Ship of Destiny, by Robin Hobb. (this was actually what I wanted to make the post about but it is now almost 3 and I'm going to bed. See, this is what happens when I find a keyboard after midnight. I will finish tomorrow)

It is now tomorrow. I continue.
The Liveship Trilogy )
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I am full of glee that France won! Yay, France! :DD

I also went to see The Devil Wears Prada this morning with the incomparable [ profile] nadia_skye and we had quite a nice time. Meryl Streep really is quite the actress. And the guy behind us enjoyed it a lot. Heh.

I got mail from my beloved [ profile] thinkpink4891 and it was lovely. Thanks, sweetie.

This movie is really on crack and totally awesome in a cover-your-eyes-and-weep kind of way. This movie is brilliant and cracktastic, and made by someone with too much time on their hands. (both worksafe, btw)

The end.

Oh, PS, I forgot to say. I also got my ACT results back today. I wasn't expecting them to be very good because I wasn't feeling well the day on the test and couldn't concentrate properly, but I managed a 31 which is both two points up from my score the first time I took it, and a pretty decent score on the whole. Yay me.
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My dad got a new book in the mail today. Wide Awake, by David Levithan. Some of you might have heard me squee about David Levithan before, but, in case you haven't, he is omgsogood. Like, amazingly good. Incredibly good. REALLY REALLY GOOD, OK. And this book is about. about government. and politics. campaigns and road trips and rallies and phone banks and speeches and omg *ded* I LOVE IT I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT'S SO GOOD I'M GOING TO CRY WASKDFSLDKJFKJFDIERUWJKLFSDSDA


That was the short squee. The longer and more coherent one is here )

The book isn't out yet; this is a (signed! oh my god!) pre-release*. It's scheduled publication date is September 12, which is my birthday! If you want to really do something for me--buy this book. Read it. Loan it to your friends. Buy it for your library. Talk about it. This book--this book is a beautiful painting of what could be. Let's make it true. Let's make this future happen.

*although we might get a few more pre-releases in a few weeks...I'll keep you updated.
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So, [ profile] springtime_gen fics are starting to pop up! Only two are posted right now, but--oh. They're both incredibly good. I love gen fic! It's such a good way of exploring character, of digging inside and figuring out what makes a character tick, what makes them behave in the way they do, what they'd do in a certain situation. Man, if all of the [ profile] springtime_gen fics are like these two, I'm in for a great April!

A Lesser Evil for [ profile] sionnain. Regulus-centric, PG-13

This fic's structure is the first immediately noticeable thing. As you read more closely, though, you realize that every. word. was carefully thought about and considered. This is a superb look into Regulus's mind, and is beautifully written. I've read this four times, and each time it was better than the last, each time I noticed another small detail or word choice that made me see the fic in a whole new way.

Prison Visit for [ profile] sazzlette. Stan Shunpike, G.

This fic takes place during Stan Shunpike's stay in Azkaban. The author has a wonderful grip on Stan--his voice, his logic and motives, his actions, his thoughts. This is another fic where the small details make it what it is: the number of tallies on the wall, the reason Stan is in Azkaban at all, certain words that Stan does and does not know, all of it. Also, another character shows up three quarters of the way through, and that character (you'll find out who it is when you read!) is also exceptionally well done.

(Snoy, you know you want to read this...)

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