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Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Solstice, and happy whatever else you celebrate! I hope you and yours are safe, healthy, and happy this holiday season and this year. :)

We've had a peaceful Christmas, although church last night was slightly exciting -- we have tall candle holders essentially on a stick that fits into notches on the ends of the pews. However, the person in front of me sat down a little hard a couple times and very, very nearly set the church on fire. It did succeed in pouring out quite a lot of wax quite suddenly, again, very nearly on me and the woman in front of me. We both had to scurry to move out of the way, so we were definitely wide awake for the rest of the service! It was not a quiet, subtle thing; I may or may not have shrieked a little, and the woman in front of me sprang to her feet. It was just as the priest was about to begin his sermon, and his only comment was to ask us to wait to burn the church down until the sermon was over, which made me laugh. We were also visited by a bat flying around quite excitedly. So, a lot going on!

We were also blessed to have an excellent singer doing some solos, which was just a pleasure. We have a very small church and we aren't often able to hire musicians. This is a video of him doing a song, also in my church, at another time. Youtube doesn't quite showcase him as well as it might, but it was honestly wonderful, and the acoustics in the church were beautiful. There's a long intro; he starts around the :30 mark if you want to have a listen. :)

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I was sick yesterday. It was gross and not fun at all. However, am feeling quite a lot better now. Still a little tired and less--less bouncy than usual, I guess, but it's not crippling.


On the up side, both teh boy and [ profile] nadia_skye called to entertain me, and my mom read me stories because we're both cool like that. ♥
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I am full of glee that France won! Yay, France! :DD

I also went to see The Devil Wears Prada this morning with the incomparable [ profile] nadia_skye and we had quite a nice time. Meryl Streep really is quite the actress. And the guy behind us enjoyed it a lot. Heh.

I got mail from my beloved [ profile] thinkpink4891 and it was lovely. Thanks, sweetie.

This movie is really on crack and totally awesome in a cover-your-eyes-and-weep kind of way. This movie is brilliant and cracktastic, and made by someone with too much time on their hands. (both worksafe, btw)

The end.

Oh, PS, I forgot to say. I also got my ACT results back today. I wasn't expecting them to be very good because I wasn't feeling well the day on the test and couldn't concentrate properly, but I managed a 31 which is both two points up from my score the first time I took it, and a pretty decent score on the whole. Yay me.
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Ahahah, I posted this top part before, but I forgot the actual reason I was going to post and got distracted by the shiny music meme. :P

Hey, flist! Go here and do this!. Upload a song that reminds you of me! Then post your name so I can upload songs for you, too.

And now for the actual point of the post! I had state solo-ensemble for band today, and, meh. I really wish I hadn't signed up, because I didn't really want to do it (and also I missed the pot chat last night because I had to practice scales!!) so I didn't put the effort in that I needed to.

If I had just had to play my solo I would have been fine, but I had to play scales and do sight reading too (Sight reading, for non band people, is when you're given a short piece of music you've never seen before. You get sixty seconds to look at it, then have to play it.). And, all three components were weighted equally. That dragged me down from the I (excellent) into the II (good). I played the solo really well, maybe even, dare I say it, perfectly. I did all right on the sight reading. There were some tempo and dynamic things I could have done more of, and I messed up a few rhythms, but you could definitely tell I was playing the right song. The scales didn't go so well. Luckily, they didn't ask me for either of my weakest two, and that helped, but I did some dumb things. Like playing a D Major when they asked for D Minor. Whoops!

I ended up with a II, which is about a B in grade terms.It's OK. Nothing great, but nothing to be ashamed of, either. And it's done with now, so I don't need to worry about it anymore.

Do the meme thing!!
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I won $50 and second place on a poem of mine for my school's lit contest! And out of around 130 poems, too. Sweet! I also got an honorable mention for the other piece I entered, a formal essay.

Here's the poem. I posted it a long time ago but it's undergone significant edits since then )
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I look really, really cute today. AND I'M FREEZING MY ARSE OFF. Why on earth am I wearing fucking FLIP-FLOPS on the coldest day of the year so far?
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Oh my god, it's finally back!!! Oh! I am so very happy! W00t w00t! Being on madcow sucked like you would not believe. But anyway, I'm back now, thank all the ell-jay gods. But, if LJ ever does go down again, you can find me at greatestjournal under the same name.

Rambles )

I finally watched ep13 of Lost and )

I am very bored. I also have a rather large music collection. So, pick a time from 2:30 to 5:30, and if I have a song that length, I'll upload it and you can listen to it. Yay!

I had started a picspam, but I lost it when LJ went down, and I don't feel like doing it again, so. That's all for now.
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Today and yesterday was good. Because I am lazy, a list:

-Par-tay! We had a grand old time. We laid around and talked and looked at yearbooks and gossiped like the whole night. And, we watched 10 Things I Hate About You, and oh, is Heath Ledger gorgeous! And accent! *dies* And I loved that girl Cat or whatever. I wanted to be her friend. She rocked. And, I got to talk to mah buddy N who I never see ever for like three hours. That rocked. Good times all around.
-Braces off in two days!!
-I love mornings after parties, because everyone's all sleepy and rambley and not making a lot of sense, and the whole mood is very mellow and Coldplay-ish and I like it a lot.
-I just love my friends. A lot. They rock. ♥


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