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That moment when you look in the mirror at the end of the day and you're like "oh my GOD that's what I've been going around looking like all day?!?!?!"... sigh. Hahah. Anyway, on to the main point! As promised, some Yuletide recs. Just Friday Night Lights and Tamora Pierce today; some more random fandoms in a few days. All these fics are pretty short (the joy of Yuletide! So many great short fics = so much immediate gratification!) unless otherwise noted. :)

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I'm sure I've messed up some coding somewhere, so let me know if you catch anything!
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I finished watching Friday Night Lights! Or at least, I'm up to current canon. Seriously guys, this is one of the best shows I've ever watched. From the bits and pieces I'd heard discussed or read about, I assumed that it was just all about football and so I didn't want to watch, and I was thrilled to find that actually, it's about people, and I love people. And sure, there might be a plotline about who's going to start in the upcoming game, say, but it's not actually about the game, it's about how making the decision is upsetting Coach Taylor, and how Matt will feel if he doesn't play, and pressure and responsibility and compassion and loyalty.

A lot of dramas that are really just about people when you boil it down, like FNL is, are over the top and a little campy, and everyone is just that little bit smarter or funnier or bitchier than anyone you actually know in real life. And while there are definitely some Characters in FNL, some people who are over the top--it's so believably them, and you sort of get the feeling that anyone who was placed in those circumstances would be equally [cocky righteous out-spoken etc.]. It's not just that they were written that way, but that the circumstances the show placed them in forced them to be that way, which makes it feel so much more genuine.

And if you want to be shallow/flail with joy...TIM. MTFKING. RIGGINS. )


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