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Hi guys! Some techy questions...

First of all, is there any way on DW to choose which tags display on your sidebar? Or choose only tags used more than x times?

In other news, my computer bit the big one a little before Christmas. My dad very kindly let me use his old laptop. However, it's a Mac, and as a staunch PC user, I've been having some issues. I'm willing to be converted, but does anyone have any suggestions on dealing with these minor annoyances that are cumulatively driving me nuts?

-Hitting the red x doesn't actually close the program? You have to go into the file menu and click quit?
-Highlighting a file and pressing the delete key doesn't, in fact, delete the file
-No differentiated delete and backspace key?
-No right click but many functions that are only visible upon right clicking????
-How do I view my network, to connect to a printer or whatever?
-Why does firefox only come up with my previous tabs 50% of the time, despite me having that setting chosen?
-How can I tell how strong/fast my internet connection is?
-Why can't I play .avi files in iTunes?
-Why does iTunes mirror all my music files, so my computer has them all on the drive twice?
-I wish I could see what windows I have open on the dock, not just the dot that says the program is running.
-Is there a one-click way to get to the desktop?

Anyway, I'm going to stop bitching and get over myself now, I just had to get that out there. Especially when macs are always touted as the best thing since sliced bread. There are some good features that I like, but it's not the perfect machine from the gods that some apple-diehards believe it is.


ETA: No offense meant to those of you who do love your macs! I know my mileage often varies from the general population. :)
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Hi y'all -- I've been thinking about this for awhile and I am officially making the move to Dreamwidth. I will be posting over there (but cross posting to this journal) and primarily reading flist over there. I've imported rss feeds of my flist, so theoretically I should still see public posts. I'll still be skimming flist over here for a while yet, but if I'm missing something you think I should see, please don't hesitate to give me a nudge! I am aidenfire over there as well. I've friended a lot of familiar names but again, please let me know if I've missed you! Especially if you have a different user name. Suggestions for comms to follow would also be appreciated.

Now, the why. I hardly even know where to start, but it essentially boils down disrespect from Livejournal, and a lack of trust of Livejournal. tl;dr under the cut )
I'm tired of putting up with a new shit storm every eight weeks, especially when Dreamwidth is making itself a more viable alternative all the time. Just for a thought exercise, read Dreamwidth's latest news post. New changes that are opt-in, rather than either opt-out or just rolled out whether you like it or not! Responses to user concerns! Acknowledgement of current bugs! Admitting they made a mistake, and what they're doing to amend it! New features that are actually useful and that people want, rather than random shit they've come up with for the hell of it or something! Donating 10% of their profits for a month to a pro-women-in-science organization, I don't even. And then, maybe more importantly, read some of the comments. Look for someone asking a question, and you'll also find their question being answered, promptly, politely, and thoroughly, by a senior staffer. A senior staffer mentioning a feature as being implemented particularly to improve a kink meme! Acknowledgement of fandom? Customer service? What is this? Amazing! Yes, it's not perfect by any means. But I don't feel like they are actively disrespecting my friends and I, or trying to fuck their users over for their own gain.

I really encourage you to think strongly about moving. You can import your whole LJ with just a couple simple clicks -- including, as I said in the beginning, RSS feeds of many of your friends' journals. Hope to see you on the other side. :)

Sorry for the length... < / strong feelings!>
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I don't have words for how much I hate our president right now. Just--no words. And, flist, thank you for restoring a bit of faith in humanity. With things like Aja's rant and Dorrie's and all the other people who've posted something--it vindicates me. It shows me I'm not the only person who's noticing there. is. something. seriously. wrong with this country. And GOD, this president. NO. WORDS.

ETA: I do have words. I have a lot of words. I don't understand why we're not throwing everything we've got into it. And, hello? We're the United fucking States of America. We've got SO. MANY. RESOURCES. Why aren't we using them? When we've got the Mayor of New Orleans swearing at the president on live news, and basically saying he hopes Bush burns in hell THERE IS A PROBLEM. And Bush flew over in his air force one and looked very serious and sad. And then went and played golf. He cut his vacation short by two days--ooooh. Too bad that he stayed on vacation until TUESDAY. And right after he spoke on Tuesday about what a crisis this was and how he was doing everything he could, he went and played his guitar with a country singer. Why is no one with power calling him out on this? This is RIDICULOUS. The hurricane hit on FRIDAY. There are bodies floating in the streets. It's like Lord of the Flies come to life. And he's, he's golfing, and playing guitar, and NOT. DOING. ANYTHING. And I--I don't understand. I really, really don't. People are DYING, and he's waiting around and saying he doesn't have authority (Hello? President, much? I think he can get any damn authority he needs) and, and, playing golf! And he's not even IN New Orleans, he's in the White House.

He says that the feds weren't allowed to help until they were asked which is bullshit on so many levels. First, THEY ARE ASKING. And he's still not doing anything. Second--did New York ask for help on 9/11? What about Iraq? Did they ask us to come in and give them our precious democracy, which is obviously working SO well for us? Oh, and then there's the matter that last year, or the year before, he cut the budget for New Orleans natural disaster protection by 80%--EIGHTY PERCENT--because he needed more money for the war. The fucking WAR. So, he took money that could have saved lives, and used it to kill instead. How did this happen?

He himself issued a "Get out of New Orleans" evacuation notice three days before the hurricane hit. But did he send in any supplies, any troops, any buses to get people out? No. He was on vacation, remember. The PRESIDENT of the goddamn United States should NOT go on vacation. Ever. Not a single day. Maybe that sounds like I'm taking a hard line about this, but--he knew it was a tough job when he ran. He should dedicate everything he's got to the presidency and my--our--his country. Isn't that in the job description? Isn't it? Why is this man in charge? How many more lives are we going to lose because of his ineptitude, his incompetency? WHY?

Then, there was that a few years ago, a study was published by, oh, I can't remember now, but some important national committee. The top two most likely disasters that could happen. Number one--terrorist attacking New York. Number two--hurricane hitting New Orleans. We KNEW these things could happen, and he sat on his ass and LET them. I WANT HIM GONE. I NEVER EVER WANT TO SEE HIS FACE AGAIN. I'm all for running him out of town on a rail. And I'm not alone.

I'm crying here. I just--I don't understand. I don't. I don't.

And, my brother is trying to guilt trip the hell out of me about something else, and damn him, it's working, and I hate it. Ugh.

Just, not good feelings right now.
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Yeah, so, this is the first time I've been on my computer for literally about 40 hours. Fun stuff.

And, I'm Not Pleased that I missed the snaps cup meme.


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