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But first, a meme! I had to post this one once I saw the result:

Pick up the nearest book to you.
Turn to page 45.
The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

"I should cut back on my work anyway, and--we should make an effort to eat together"

The Demon's Covenant, by Sarah Rees Brennan.

ahahahahaha ded from lolz.

In other book news, I have a few more recs to make.

Legend, by Marie Lu. Dystopian/futuristic YA. ♥♥♥♥♥; highly recommended.

Read more... )

Matched, by Ally Condie. Dystopian/futuristic YA. ♥♥♥♥; recommended.

Read more... )

Crown of Stars series, by Kate Elliott. Adult fantasy. ♥♥♥; ambivalently recommended (ie I didn't like it but you might).

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Please note, I give Amazon links purely for the amount of information/other reviews, not out of an endorsement of Amazon. Consider supporting your local bookstores!
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In 2009, aidenfire resolves to...
Keep my education clean.
Take evening classes in fun.
Cut down on my writing.
Admit my true feelings to klave.
Apply for a new muse.
Get back in contact with some old pretty boys.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Hahah...amusingly accurate.

And also, I called back the person from yesterday that I didn't say no to, and told said person that in fact I didn't really want to hang out that day, and I feel so much better. New Year's Resolution success!
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Guess away, my pretties. All first lines, and I skipped over non-english songs, and also songs that I'd never heard before and wouldn't have been able to guess myself, haha.

1. All the boys, voices cracking
2. There is a place for me, far far away
3. I am the son
4. Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
5. diary, of a mad man
6. I'm so tired of playing
7. Next day, far from home, the brothers planned their repulsive crime
8. OK, when the doctor started using words like "you'll pass away"
9. When it bends, you try to walk a straight line
10. They got the mustard out!
11. I know it's morning, and that you need to go
12. A love-struck Romeo sings the streets a serenade
13. Make a new cult every day to suit your affairs
14. When I was a movie star an asteroid had hit the earth and prematurely ended my career.
15. Starched white shirts, so neatly pressed
16. Looking for answers to questions never posed
17. Six numbers, one more to dial
18. Whose eyes am I behind?
19. See the curtains hanging in the window
20. I love myself, I want you to love me

this is me, procrastinating on sleep and studying.
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OK, so I just uploaded a shitload of Buffy icons, and I really want to do that meme where you talk only with your icons. I started a few "conversations" myself, and feel free to jump in where ever or start something of your own. Yay stupid icon memes!
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So, I took that personality test that was going around. It was fun, but didn't really tell me anything I wasn't expecting. Well, I would have given myself a higher neurosis score, but, y'know. I was way, way amused by one thing, though.

What everyone already knew about me )
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17 songs under the cut. They can be downloaded below or are all available here.

Frankenmix, August )
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Frankenmix for June!

Basically, each month [ profile] calikali puts out ten prompts for songs and anyone who wants to play can, so I encourage all of you to give it a try! It's pretty fun. :)

I'm also trying out a new upload host, me know what you think. I like it because you can remove your files when you want, and not before, and also because those downloading the file can listen to the song first and decide if they like it or not.

16 songs under the cut! )

Let me know if you download anything, yeah?
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So, [ profile] hackthis just did a really cool thing. She uploaded a mix of songs, by random prompts. I don't know where she got the prompts, but they combined to make a super mix. So, flist, if you give me prompts, I'll upload a mix, too. I'll take the first 15, say. And it's to your best interest to give me a prompt or two, because, hey! More music uploaded!

ETA: I am informed that this is actually a monthly thing with the prompts given by [ profile] calikali. And so next month I'll use her prompts, but for now I'm going to continue with this. Yay, music. :)

For reference, here are the ones she used, just to give you an idea.

Read more... )

Have at it! :)
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1. Make a list of 15 characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment. (That way you're not leading the questions asked to fit the characters.)
2. Ask your friendslist to post questions in the screened comments. (For example: "4, 6, 12 & 15 are starting a band together, what is their name and what kind of music do they play? Also, who's the lead singer, and what instruments do the others play?")
3. After your friendslist has asked enough questions, round them up and answer them using the 15 characters you selected beforehand, and then post them.

Hit me, flist!
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Ahahah, I posted this top part before, but I forgot the actual reason I was going to post and got distracted by the shiny music meme. :P

Hey, flist! Go here and do this!. Upload a song that reminds you of me! Then post your name so I can upload songs for you, too.

And now for the actual point of the post! I had state solo-ensemble for band today, and, meh. I really wish I hadn't signed up, because I didn't really want to do it (and also I missed the pot chat last night because I had to practice scales!!) so I didn't put the effort in that I needed to.

If I had just had to play my solo I would have been fine, but I had to play scales and do sight reading too (Sight reading, for non band people, is when you're given a short piece of music you've never seen before. You get sixty seconds to look at it, then have to play it.). And, all three components were weighted equally. That dragged me down from the I (excellent) into the II (good). I played the solo really well, maybe even, dare I say it, perfectly. I did all right on the sight reading. There were some tempo and dynamic things I could have done more of, and I messed up a few rhythms, but you could definitely tell I was playing the right song. The scales didn't go so well. Luckily, they didn't ask me for either of my weakest two, and that helped, but I did some dumb things. Like playing a D Major when they asked for D Minor. Whoops!

I ended up with a II, which is about a B in grade terms.It's OK. Nothing great, but nothing to be ashamed of, either. And it's done with now, so I don't need to worry about it anymore.

Do the meme thing!!
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Wahhh, I think [ profile] silentauror got me sick over the internet. :((( I'm not dizzy so long as I don't stand up, my head doesn't ache so long as I don't think too much, and my throat doesn't hurt as long as I don't, y'know, breathe. But, I'm bored out of my mind just sitting at home (especially since I can't really concentrate on anything), so, let's play the icon game!

Gacked from just about everyone.

In this post, talk with your icons, and *only* your icons. Post early, post often, and respond to whomever you want. Just leave a dot or a dash in the comment field if LJ tells you you can't post a blank comment.

ETA: Whoa...I just realized I've passed my two-years-on-LJ mark. Wow. I feel old. (Hah, that's probably the first time on LJ I've been able to say that, *g*)
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[ profile] lovememe is still going strong. Go check it out. I know I've seen a few of you over there without comments from you to show you've seen it. Also, it's a great place for getting warm fuzzies. Even if it's not love specifically aimed at you, it's still love, and love is always, always a good thing. :)
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I really think this is a bad idea, but, wtf.

Brutal Honesty meme
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It's January 27th.

There have been some things on my mind lately. I just wanted to let everyone know that I've done some thinking, and reevaluating where I stand on certain issues.

First, George Bush really is a good, intelligent man. He does a great job of leading our country, and I highly respect everything he's done. Gays and lesbians are freaks, and abominations under God. Abortion equals murder, and military prowess is the only way to get respect in the global community.

Secondly, since gays and lesbians are icky, I'm backing away from the slash. Actually, I'm leaving the entire Harry Potter fandom, because God says magic is bad. And he says gayness is bad. So stories about gay wizards? Double bad!

Thirdly, I've really had far more time on my hands than I've led all you to believe. I just don't want to spend anymore time on LJ than I have to. It takes away from valuable time with my family and studying. I'm about to do a mass defriending of everyone on my flist.

Fourthly, LotR was really an atrocious movie. It was a bad interpretation of an even worse book. Viggo is a HORRIBLE actor, and Orlando Bloom and Dominic Monaghan are not good looking at all. And Sean Astin/Sam is so absolutely retarded! I laughed my head off at the "Go home, Sam" scene.

On the subject of Dom--Lost really sucks. I was just watching it because everyone else was. But no more! Now, the only thing I will watch is Dr. Phil. The Shannon/Boone backstory was the final straw. And that terrorist! I don't know why they even let an Arab on the set!


(Ouch. Some of that really, really hurt to write.)
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You all should send me an email. Or leave me an entertaining comment. Or give me some cool links. BORED, people, BORED.

Or we could do a meme? How about, for every detail you tell me about yourself, I'll tell you the same number of things about myself. They don't have to be big or anything--it could be something like how you secretly love anchovies, or something. And when I comment, I'll try to give you something of about equal importance.
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1. Reply to this post, because I would like to say a couple of words about you.

2. I may also tell you what song reminds me of you when I hear it.

3. I may also tell you what celebrity/public person you remind me of, either personality-wise or looks-wise.

4. I may also give ONE WORD that I associate with you when I think of you.

5. We all could use a boost now and then, so you could steal this for your journal and make someone else's day as well, if you haven't already.
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Coz I am a sheep:

Eheheh!! I love quiz bowl! Well, I'm thinking I'm going to try to change my template again. Whee! Another rant on gay marriage, watch out. School's out! Intensely personal post ahead -- be warned! Once again, it's been awhile. I have six gmail invites. On Saturday, I was at my band competition (We got first, by the way, and best general effect.) Thanks America. I have a friend, David.

I have six exclamation points in 12 random sentances. All of them were were in the first half of the year. The last three months all started with crappy things. (Band comp would be my parent's accident, Thanks America would be lead-in to large election rant, and David bit was refering to David-angst#2, which if you don't know about I'm not going into). Yup, that's a pretty decent summary of my 2004. Here's hoping 2005 is better, eh?

This is just funny )
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1. Comment and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and draw you a picture
2. You have no say in what I draw for you. Or in how good or bad it will be.
3. Put this in your journal with the picture I drew for you.
4. Drabbles (100 words) are also allowed for those who really don't want to draw.

I received this from trajictale )

this from kiwi666 )

and this from [ profile] phasera

ETA2: Wicked awesome drabble from [ profile] xfellx!

Writings on the Wall, Tea Party
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I've been thinking about some things. No one ever knows how much time they have left. Any day could be any person's last day. And what if someone dies and you haven't said something to them, something you wanted/needed to say? I'd like to offer up my comment space for everyone to say those things they've been meaning to say but have been too scared/busy/ashamed/whatever to say. If you want to direct your comments to me, that's fine. If you want to talk to someone else, on or off LJ, that's cool too. Post anon if you want, or don't. These can be I-love-you-so-much comments, or they can be go-fuck-yourself comments. It doesn't matter so long as they're honest.

Alternatively, if you don't want to think about the other person dieing, think about all the things you'd want to say if you were to die tomorrow.
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Ok, so I'm doing the Christmas Wish Meme )

My List

1) Balloons
2) More than three LJ icons
3) Send me your favorite book/cd/toy/anything. Send it in the mail. I LOVE GETTING MAIL! e me for my address. I'll send it back if you want me too.
4) Subscription to TimeMagizine. (Mine expired and I don't have any money, wah!)
5) If you see me in real life, lots of hugs. If you don't, lots of Iloveyou yourock kind of emails
6) Call me on the phone! Penni tis my name! e for my digits.
7) More people to comment
8) Love. Just lots of love.
9) Cookies!
10) Post this so I can give you things!
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