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Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Solstice, and happy whatever else you celebrate! I hope you and yours are safe, healthy, and happy this holiday season and this year. :)

We've had a peaceful Christmas, although church last night was slightly exciting -- we have tall candle holders essentially on a stick that fits into notches on the ends of the pews. However, the person in front of me sat down a little hard a couple times and very, very nearly set the church on fire. It did succeed in pouring out quite a lot of wax quite suddenly, again, very nearly on me and the woman in front of me. We both had to scurry to move out of the way, so we were definitely wide awake for the rest of the service! It was not a quiet, subtle thing; I may or may not have shrieked a little, and the woman in front of me sprang to her feet. It was just as the priest was about to begin his sermon, and his only comment was to ask us to wait to burn the church down until the sermon was over, which made me laugh. We were also visited by a bat flying around quite excitedly. So, a lot going on!

We were also blessed to have an excellent singer doing some solos, which was just a pleasure. We have a very small church and we aren't often able to hire musicians. This is a video of him doing a song, also in my church, at another time. Youtube doesn't quite showcase him as well as it might, but it was honestly wonderful, and the acoustics in the church were beautiful. There's a long intro; he starts around the :30 mark if you want to have a listen. :)

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Guys, my brother is coming to see me! He's going to be here in a few hours, and he's going to stay for the weekend, hang out with me here, and then drive me home after my last exam on monday.

last exam on monday = a joke. a very, very, very annoying joke. If it weren't for this exam, I could have gone home thursday. But no, I have to stay and take this exam...which is worth TEN POINTS. Participation, by the way, is worth ELEVEN. And, on top of that, he literally doesn't read my tests. We've been going over things in class, and he'd say things like for question 5, you needed to have mentioned point 1, 2, 3, and 4. I didn't mention a single one and I still got full points. wtf, debate. wtf.
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am now home safe after like ten hours in the airport for a total of ~2 hours in the air. Story of my day:

-Set alarm wrong, wake up to phone call "Hey, your taxi is waiting, where are you?" Roll out of bed and grab stuff in about three minutes. Forget things including cell phone charger, hair brush, and retainer.

-Get to airport. Find that all flights going to chicago (where I'm to catch my connector home) are delayed by about four hours. With the delay, I wasn't going to be able to catch my flight in chicago on my original flight. So they put me on the flight that was scheduled to leave at 10. We actually leave around 2.

-Get to Chicago. I'm feeling pretty good, plenty of time to catch my flight. I look at the flight board...and the 1:30 flight to my city was canceled. I worry a little, because this was what started happening when I was stranded in new york last summer after visiting [ profile] silentauror with [ profile] thinkpink4891, but my flight is still supposedly on time, so I try not to fret.

-I should have. I'm sitting at my gate, and I see postings for the 5:15 flight, the 5:30 flight, 5:40 flight, then a 6:05 flight. My flight was scheduled for 5:45. I think maybe they changed the gate, so I go and ask the attendent. Nope, it's cancelled. Along with all flights going to my city until tomorrow afternoon. greatttt.

-so, they put me on a flight to a different airport. This of course means that I have no luggage. The flight they put me on was scheduled for 3:30, so we actually got out at 7. The cities are about the same distance from my house, so I only got home about an hour later than I would have but. alkjdflkjdf. stress stress stressful day.

but home now. thank god.


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