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Why didn't y'all tell me Scott Pilgrim is hilarious? BRB, loling forever.
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Leaving to take my GRE in about (gag splutter ahhhhh) 20 minutes...wish me luck!
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Turns out one of the channels I get here likes to show hours of Buffy and/or Queer as Folk late at night. I am entirely pleased with this; my sleep schedule, on the other hand, is not.

(C'mon, they're showing the 509-513 arc of QAF tonight, how am I supposed to turn that off?)
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So last night I went with my roommate to a small party (10 people tops) a friend of hers was having. We were upstairs, and someone just walked in, and jacked both my purse and my roommate's, a backpack, and a PS3, while someone was SLEEPING ON THE COUCH IN THE SAME ROOM.

Things in my purse incl: every form of ID I have, my wallet, my keys, my ipod, my phone, my passport, my favorite shirt that I bought vintage in San Diego, the brand new umbrella I bought three days ago, my sunglasses, the purse itself, oh and DID I MENTION MY PHONE. fml, yo.

I love filing police reports at 3 in the morning!
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Talk to me about food. What are your favorite meals that are cheap/easy/tasty/healthy? What's your go-to meal if you're broke and tired and just want something to eat, dammit?!

Things I've been enjoying lately include what I call the American version of the bean and cheese burrito: dump some canned baked beans on a plate, shred a little cheddar into it, throw it in the microwave, and then eat it on bread or toast! If you add an apple or some carrots to your meal and eat it with a glass of milk, you've got a solid, filling meal in literally five minutes.

Also, I'm guessing they were probably on sale, but I picked up a bunch of Archer Farms couscous in a box dealies for about 2 bucks each, and they also are surprisingly good for out of the box. You just dump the whole box into boiling water (and oil, but I don't have any oil, hah, so I use butter, and it's just fine) take it off the stove and cover it for five minutes and voila, hot and ready couscous! 1 box equals dinner and leftovers for lunch, so not a bad deal! I also eat this with bread because I love carbs more than anything, and a side fruit or veg (generally, apples, carrots, grapes, or a banana).

I want to work on getting more green vegetables into my diet. Any suggestions?
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Can we talk about the fact that I'm throwing (feels like single-handedly) a benefit concert this weekend for Doctors Without Borders that has 710 people RSVPd yes or maybe, and 581 people still awaiting reply?

And of course, this is on top of taking 20 credits (five classes), currently getting a 4.0, and working about 20 hours a week at a combination of 3 jobs. Plus my weekend social schedule is just as busy as my weekday work schedule., I'm a little bit busy. hah. Sorry if I'm not around too much. How are you all?
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I was talking to my mom last night, and she said that she received the bill for when I was in the hospital for a while right before break.

Total cost? $2800.
Cost to us, after insurance? $25.

WOW. 1) insurance is amazing, and 2) holy shit that's so expensive! I mean, I know they ran a lot of tests and stuff but I was only in the ER for like nine hours, how could it cost so much? What do you do if you don't have insurance in the US?
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I finished watching Friday Night Lights! Or at least, I'm up to current canon. Seriously guys, this is one of the best shows I've ever watched. From the bits and pieces I'd heard discussed or read about, I assumed that it was just all about football and so I didn't want to watch, and I was thrilled to find that actually, it's about people, and I love people. And sure, there might be a plotline about who's going to start in the upcoming game, say, but it's not actually about the game, it's about how making the decision is upsetting Coach Taylor, and how Matt will feel if he doesn't play, and pressure and responsibility and compassion and loyalty.

A lot of dramas that are really just about people when you boil it down, like FNL is, are over the top and a little campy, and everyone is just that little bit smarter or funnier or bitchier than anyone you actually know in real life. And while there are definitely some Characters in FNL, some people who are over the top--it's so believably them, and you sort of get the feeling that anyone who was placed in those circumstances would be equally [cocky righteous out-spoken etc.]. It's not just that they were written that way, but that the circumstances the show placed them in forced them to be that way, which makes it feel so much more genuine.

And if you want to be shallow/flail with joy...TIM. MTFKING. RIGGINS. )
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So in other news, I'm throwing a quasi-coming out party for a friend, and I was wondering if anyone has ideas for great, super cheesy and flamboyant names/decorations/drinks/etc that I could shamelessly steal and use as my own!
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that today is the wonderful and beautiful [ profile] silentauror's birthday! Go wish her a great one. :)
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Hey guys, I've been having a lot of trouble focusing/getting shit done lately. Do you have any time-management and/or self-discipline tips so that I can actually accomplish the [50 million] things I need to do?

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It's my 20th birthday guys! And I have a pirate pinata and good friends. ♥
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So last night I went to see Blink 182, (half of) Panic! At The Disco, and Fall Out Boy with my Summer Boy, and 29,998 other people! There was another opener that we missed, but since I don't remember their name I'm guessing it wasn't crucial. It was a lot of fun--the weather was nice, the music was good, the company was fun. Things of note:

-FOB sound KILLER live. They were probably my favorite band of the night. They did a cover of Don't Stop Believing with Brendon from Panic that was SO FUN.

-Panic was enjoyable but they, in my opinion, sound different live than they do on CD. There were a few songs I didn't think sounded great, but it was super fun regardless :D

***Direct quote from Panic via Brendon Urie: "We like fucking. Sometimes girls, sometimes each other..." I know there are people on my flist who will appreciate this!***

-Blink also sounded kind of different live. I couldn't really concentrate because by this point there were a TON of drunk people staggering around and it was making me a little uncomfortable.

-I also found someone's blackberry on the ground, and after the show, a very very grateful girl gave me 20 bucks and a giant hug for returning it! Which was nice, because of course I was going to do it anyway, but I am broke enough to not say no. So in a way this story does end with "And then I found $20", haha.

All in all a really great night! Also the tickets were free (a birthday present from SB's mom), and I just had a whole ton of fun. I love big concerts--there's something magical about that many people all gathered in one place for the same reason.
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So, what do we all think of the My Guests thing? I feel like LJ keeps trying to take away a little more of our privacy...but on the other hand I can't help feeling curious. Are you all opting in or out?
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Hey guys! Is there anyone in Chicago that wants to go check out the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry with me on Friday? (anytime, I'm free all day) It's free general admission, so we just have to pay for the exhibit itself. Lemme know! :)

ps--I love this city. :D
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my ideal day would involve lying in bed and sleeping until all my problems disappeared on their own. realistic?
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Hello, flist! I fail at updating :( but I have good news!!

I just got an internship in Chicago for the summer!!!!!! OMG!!! I'm SO EXCITED. I'm going to be working at an advocacy center for victims of sexual violence and I couldn't be more excited about it if I tried. I'm going to be doing things like answering a crisis hotline, going to victim's house to provide support and resources, helping them get in touch with various services they might need, etc, as well as having an opportunity to do my own research in the office.

And now I need to figure out how to find a place to live and a part time job, haha.

How are you all? Tell me about your lives!
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So I've been using my gmail account for some years now, and I am about 15 emails away from my 20000th email! I would love for it to not be a random ad or an email from MoveOn or something...basically, post interesting/amusing/silly things in my comments!

ps I was gone all week and now I'm back. More about that tomorrow morning.
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So, 2/3/09 was my five year LJ anniversary! And I was gonna have a comment party and do silly flist-participation memes and everything...but then I was deathly ill. Like. So sick. For days and days. like. It hurt to open my eyes sick. I left my building today for the first time since monday. oh poor sick Penni! No 5-year LJ party for you.
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this post is much delayed, but I've been plugging out bits and pieces of it since the 20th, pretty much.

So yeah. The Inauguration. I was there! And so were a lot of other people. like. A lot. More people than I'd ever seen before in my life. More people than I knew existed. EVERYWHERE. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.

My school hired a couple buses, and through the sponsoring of a few different groups on campus (Black Student's Union, Women's Caucus, College Dems), bus tickets were only $15, from NY to DC. The bus took us to a metro station in Maryland, we were handed a map, and told to be back to Maryland by 6pm that evening. This was at aprox 3:30am, by the way. We'd gotten on the bus at 8pm the night before.

The entire story (text and image heavy) )

The thing that is most noteworthy to me, though, was how happy the crowd was. Of course there were some assholes, but in general, everyone was just so helpful and happy to be there and just charged. I've never been in an environment like it. It was really and truly incredible.

So yeah. My journey, haha. Truly awesome, in the classical sense of the term.
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